"I went in knowing that I may not fit the typical demographic and WOW was I pleasantly pleased that not only was I enthusiastically welcomed, I was directed to the proper area for success. This is a great center that is building on strength development. I felt not only that I was in the right place but that this is a place that ALL adults should visit to help navigate through the complications of life. Forget Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the Prosperity Center is my new uncle out to help me through the clutter of life that is financial planning, health insurance management, and even pointers on sprucing up my professional online presence. I look forward to my next sessions at the center and am excited to share what I learn with friends and strangers alike." 

- Lisa

"You guys always inspire me when I come in here. You have great attitudes and I keep coming to the Prosperity Center because you make me feel uplifted."

- Pam

“In 30 days you corrected problems that I’ve struggled for 3 years to solve. In a true group effort, you came together and helped me change the things in my life that I was unable to change on my own.”

- Brian



“The Prosperity Center helped push me where I needed to be pushed and was a good sounding board when I needed advice."

- Keenan


"I've gained financial confidence from the Financial Coach and valuable employment knowledge from the Employment Coach"

- Stephanie


"Thanks for all your help and support, working with the Prosperity Center has made what seemed utterly impossible for me seem possible"

- Mark